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If you are looking for professional artificial grass installers, then you are in right place!

My name is Kristjan Lutter and i have been in this business for 8 years now. I have done
more than 1000000 sqm of artificial turf installations with different companies.

In 2014 my company did 110000sqm of artificial grass installations with 3 guys only! This means, we are on top of our business! 

In spring 2013 I started my own installation company and now it is great success.

In 2014 we used first time Redexim Rink infill machinery and it turned out very effective. We reduced our installation time about 2-3 days

Year 2015 will make my company expand and I can offer my service to wider range of customers, than in 2014.

My goal for 2015 is 25 full size football pitches and I am very focused to deliver the WOW to my current and new customers all over the world.

If you feel, that you need quality installation with reasonable price, then don`t hesitate to contact and we will find out the best solution for your needs.

2015 will bring some new winds to our services, we start offering children playgrounds in different structures.

Also we are looking customers, who are interested in full package of installation. It means you have land and we build your football field from bottom to top.

For the European winter period, we are always open for installations in warmer countries, where is possible to make installations during November-March

We are based in Estonia but most of our projects are done abroad.

Our main focus is to satisfy our client.
We can advise you with our installation experience.
Your goal will become our goal.
We are specialized on sports turf installations.

We work in 3 person team and do the regular full size pitch installation with 7 days, if weather will not stop us!

We also offer supervisor service for installations.