Projects 2014

On this page you can see all of our installations, what was completed in 2014, season was very busy from March to November.

P_20141014_084914[1]NorwayDSC_0097[1]NorwayDSC_0098[1]NorwayAfjord PitchNorwayP_20140909_123818NorwayDSC_0039Norway

DSC_0049 NorwayDSC_0045 NorwayDSC_0055 vähendatud NorwayCIMG3479 NorwayDSC_0089 NorwayDSC_0088 NorwayDSC_0067Nordvesthall, Kristiansund
Nordvesthall, KristiansundKristiansund FK
Kristiansund FK Kristiansund FKKristiansund FKKristiansund FK, Norway
KristiansundHiiumaa island in Estonia DSC_0202


Härryda IF, SwedenDSC_0121 Härryda IF, SwedenDSC_0123

Härryda IF, SwedenDSC_0124 Härryda IF, SwedenDSC_0136 Mölnlycke IF, SwedenDSC_0141 Mölnlycke IF, SwedenDSC_0144 Landvetter, SwedenDSC_0145 Landvetter, SwedenDSC_0147

Grimsas, SwedenIMG_6019 Härryda IF, Sweden

All the above projects we have done in year 2014 and there will be much more of them!